Friday, October 13, 2006

When it rains...

I'm trapped inside and so I am re-reading all the material that Scott gave me, at some point I might collate it all and put it up here somewhere just to make it easier to find.
I've also been looking at the track logs from the easiest flight of my life, that would be the one in that magnificent stemme. If you have a decent vario or GPS that records height with your track logs you should invest in a copy of CompeGPS, the current version is able to get all the free Hi-Res maps from Google earth and Google maps and is an awesome route planning tool. Its hard to really show how powerful the 3D environment is but here are some 2D pics anyway. Also if you use google earth, here is a link to the 3D track log, but with only a fraction of the information and options you get from CompeGPS.

Here is the Height Versus Time Graph..

Here is the same thing for speed...

Here is an idea of the kind of 2D view you get:
(the red circles show thermals)

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