Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun in Switzerland

I'm having a great time climbing and running around Switzerland. The
scenery is so beautiful and such a refreshing change from the Australia
I see the most. I've managed to set foot in England, France, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland so far, and I'll get Liechtenstein
later this week.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

It's time for a long overdue update...

Firstly my Sacrum has been healing itself and I have been taking any supplement that I think might help to speed things up and make it as strong as possible for the future. I have just started running again this week, I am on a carefully designed program of run/walks that limits my exercise to about 35mins a day.
As usual I am impatient to step things up and get back to some more challenging distance, but then the pain and inconvenience of the broken Sacrum is still pretty fresh in my mind, so let's see how long I can stick with the program.

I've flown over 50Hrs in the last 2 weeks, and flown across the country 3 times!

I flew my Cessna 172 over to it's new owner in Orange and apart from actually passing through a cold front on the way there, the highlight of the trip would have been the night flying from Forrest to Ceduna.

Ceduna by Night!

As I was in the front I had some amazing ground speed for a 150Hp 172.

Then I flew back to Perth in a magnificent Fuji-180. A very rare (as few as 30 of this model) fully aerobatic 4 seat aircraft with a 180Hp engine and constant speed unit. The highlight of the return trip was flying from Renmark to Ceduna in the dark.

The Fuji is a lovely aircraft to fly, very responsive with a great roll rate, it feel slightly like a warbird inside and I guess that comes from it Japanese manufacturers heritage.

Just a couple of days after I got back I ferried a Cessna 210 to Longreach in QLD, I knew the name, and when I got there and saw the 747 on display at the Qantas museum I realised why.

The 210 had long legs and if I had had the kind of tailwinds that graced the 172 I would have seen 230 knots ground speed! As it was I had headwinds most of the way.

This was the best I got from the 210.

I'm off to Europe for several weeks, time to trade winter for summer for a while.

I'm still in an idyllic relationship with the most amazing girl, life is good.