Friday, March 30, 2007

Mosman Park Today

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Awesome day at Mossie

Matty and I flew Mossie again today, I got nearly 1000ft over launch again and Matty top landed in a westerly direction under the trees in behind the bowl. I went tail and landed on my favourite beach down the river past the golf course. Got some nice photos....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I had the best fly at Mosman Park today, up for hours to 800ft+ and went tail down the river and landed on a beach around the corner. Matty flew too and top landed.

Friday, March 23, 2007


I've spent the last week out at wylie, mostly watching but occasionally helping Shaun and Matty train some new HG students. Matty had his first solo on the trike and yesterday he flew the trike in the morning and then we thermalled in funs at lunchtime and we flew Cott at sunset, good day.
 We were hoping for bakewell today but it is blown out, maybe dougies later this evening..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back in Perth

I left Newcastle on Friday evening, stopping in Dubbo and sleeping in the car. The next day I got as far as Iron Knob near Whyalla and again slept in the car. The 3rd day got me to a motel in Norseman, and I just arrived in Perth now at 4pm on Monday. It was an easy drive, thanks to my friend caffeine.


Matty and I had a great flight at Dougies yesterday. We landed and packed up after the sun set. It was a bit rough at times with the fun feeling like the climax at times in  the rough air. Its great to be back and looking down on Perth again. We should be heading out to Wylie for the state comps tomorrow.

Off to WA

The forecast is not looking good for the coastal sites here in Newcastle. Today in desperation I drove up to North Brother, but conditions were no good there either. If I can't fly I may as well drive, I have allot of driving to get out of the way and I would rather be into it than waiting here. I am loading up the car now and will probably head off in the morning, next stop Victoria, then SA, then WA, hopefully in Perth on Tuesday if all goes well. I am planning to return to Newcastle in about 3 weeks with Matty. We will fly the Bight on the way back over, together with anything else that is on along the way.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


At last an update (if it works this time)..

I am back in WA. I attended the WA comps and flew my power harness but the weather and then my health got in the way of any good flying. I've flown dougies with matty on the fun and we just returned from some Bakewell magic. I'd love to fly Cott on the Climax, or Mossie for that matter.