Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Car update

The place that has the car seem to be pretty sure that it is the clutch, they have ordered a new one that will be here in the morning. They are pulling the engine out at the moment and they will know for sure this evening. I have been quoted 2.5hrs to remove the engine and another 2.5 to replace it, that's reasonable and a sign of confidence on their part, I hope. I am very curious to see what the clutch/flywheel look like as I never noticed it slipping until a few minutes before I stopped here in Innisfail and it felt like a catastrophic failure of something like the pressure plate to me, but hey, I'm no gearbox expert. I've checked into a nice cheap motel as the backpackers are full. I am actually happy it happened here, when I was spending my money in Burketown it felt much better to be leaving it in a small town where it makes a difference than in a big city somewhere, now here I am in Innisfail where every building has storm damage and I guess they can use the money too.
If they are correct and a clutch kit and flywheel skim fix the problem I should be out of here tomorrow afternoon. I am going to get some extra sleep now and then drive 18hrs straight to make up the lost time, I should still be in Newcastle on Thursday.....

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Rolf S said...

Hi Rob,

You left at the right time. The cycle ended and there were no more MGs for over a week. Then it started again, but first there was no moisture to sustain them and they either came through dry at 3am or never made the coast. Then the winds were wrong. By Oct 1 the publican had declared the season over and the pilots were all hoping that he was wrong. As it turned out when I left we had still not had a proper formed cloud come within 30miles of the coast during daylight hours.
As far as I know nothing has crossed the coast yet and the wet season patterns are setting in now. You guys had pefect timing, a hell of alot of people came and went without seeing anything after you left.
Have fun, fly safe