Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On the Road Again....

I was sick on Sunday and it was very cold so I did not fly. I had great days flying on Monday and Tuesday complete with top landing goodness. It was great to catch up with all the guys again. I left Shellies this afternoon and took the scenic route along the coast and I am currently in Manjimup on my way to see JC in Collie. This connection is super slow so I will catch up with my photo and video uploading once I get back into civilization.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fixing Apple Mail

If my mum happened to be running Mac OS X Tiger and her mail had stopped working and was giving the disk full error, even though we know the disk is not really full (anymore) . Then these would be the correct steps to take to fix the problem, hopefully.

  1. Quit Mail if it's running.
  2. Choose Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu, then type : EXACTLY!!!!   

  3. Move the file named "Envelope Index" to the desktop.
  4. Open Mail. Your will be alerted that your Mail messages will be imported again. Click OK.

Once the issue is resolved, you can remove (delete) the "Envelope Index" file from your desktop

Hope this helps!
Sunday... Its the Temp column I have a problem with...When the apparent temp drops below 10'c I don't want to fly, I want to get somewhere warmer!

There are people up in the cold air at the moment...

Temp App
Delta-T Wind Press
since 9 am
Dir Speed Gust Speed Gust
°C °C °C % °C
km/h knots hPa hPa mm
23/03:30pm 17.7 12.0 4.7 42 6.2 SE 24 35 13 19 1023.1 - 0.0
23/03:00pm 17.0 9.7 4.6 44 5.9 SE 32 41 17 22 1023.1 1022.9 0.0
23/02:30pm 16.5 9.4 5.4 48 5.3 SE 32 43 17 23 1023.1 - 0.0
23/02:00pm 17.0 10.7 5.6 47 5.5 SE 28 35 15 19 1023.2 - 0.0
23/01:30pm 17.1 10.1 6.0 48 5.4 SE 32 41 17 22 1023.3 - 0.0
23/01:00pm 17.0 10.2 6.7 50 5.1 SE 32 39 17 21 1023.4 - 0.0
23/12:30pm 16.9 10.4 6.3 49 5.2 SE 30 41 16 22 1023.5 - 0.0

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Come on Google. I know you provide so many wonderful services for free and I know that Gmail is the best mail system and Blogger is the easiest way to run a blog. I also think Picasa is a great program. But why, Oh why, after 2 years and countless new versions do I again discover that instead of uploading the photos all the images are missing and the links all point to localhost? I am running Vista and I HATE IT. It is unstable and incompatible compared to XP and it is the single big thing that is going to make me leave the world of windows for ever and switch to a mac for sure as soon as I can.

So for everyone who wondered where the photos are, sorry, and I am painstakingly trying to upload them again over my 1.7kb gprs connection.

It's Easter Saturday at 8.15am and there is already movement in the camp. Considering it was the small hours of the morning when everyone finally hit the sack that would be quite surprising, were it not for the children without whom no doubt we would all still be asleep ;-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Friday

See how crowded the campsite and T/O car park suddenly are! Sunny in shot..

Northerly Day

Lots of pilots arrived yesterday. Many in the night. When i awoke Jason and Sunny were here along with too many others to name.
Lots of great flying today, Jason top landed his lightspeed twice in tricky conditions and made it look easy (as usual). Matty and Biscuit arrived in the afternoon and both flew their topless gliders. I got great height and could get up to the boundary layer of something but not through it.

The view across to Sandpatch today

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Love Shellie Beach

I have a great spot here, an easy walk from my favourite toilet in the whole world. They are using nets to catch whole schools of salmon when they venture too close to the beach. They need tractors to move the tons that they pull in each time. You can buy salmon for 40cents a kilo here.

I love the sound of the ocean in the background and have already met some interesting people. I flew with Andrew a pilot from ACT this morning and I top landed when it started to get stronger and more easterly.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shellie Beach

I am parked here now for the next few days over easter. Notice the Swiss neighbours that I have! Yes thats a swiss number plate!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I made it to Burketown. The caravan needed alot of repairs. Just about every weld was broken. All the leaf springs were broken and the furniture inside the caravan was changed back into bits of wood. With the limited resourses available I patched the caravan into a semi useable state but never properly sealed it or managed to get the dust out.

It is only now that the caravan is again almost clean and white again....
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The sun is all you need to heat your lunch whilst you drive.
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Dust + Water = Mud
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When I stopped for the night the impact of the corrugations, water crossings and dust started to become apparent.
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Made it into Queensland!
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More creeks and the QLD border nears.
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More crossings and more dust and the corrugations get worse!
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One creek after another. I was quite worried about getting the car and caravan stuck on one so I hit them with enough kinetic energy to ensure that I made the far bank even if the wheels provided little or no traction once I was in the water. This was very fast. Terminal velocity is one way of describing it.
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Ok, I can see the Rivers and Crocodile Warnings, what happened to the road?
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The road started off narrow and sealed and then became unsealed and then became less road and more track.
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