Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here I am waiting in Innisfail for my car to be ready and I have time to learn new things. I have been meaning to start geotagging my photos for a while now and I have finally got around to it. Its a pretty simple process. You need a digital camera and a GPS to start with, firstly make sure the time on the digital camera exactly matches the time on the GPS, the GPS will always be correct as it gets its info from the Satellites. Then make sure the GPS is turned on and go for a walk with your camera and take some photos. Then when you return you just download the GPS track log and use the time stamp from the photos to identify the exact location from where you took the photo.

Of course it is made much easier by automating the whole process and here are a few ways you can do that...

Firstly you should be using Google Picassa to manage your photos, that integrates nicely with google earth, so even if you don't have a GPS or track log you can just click on the location where you took the photo and it adds the info into the Exif headers..

If you have a track log in your gps you need to download it and save it as a GPX file, this is the standard for Garmin GPS units, but any good software that lets you download your track from your GPS will allow you to convert to this format. I use CompGPS as it leaves all the others for dead, but there are free solutions out there too.

Once you have a track log and some photos just use WWMX Location Stamper to embed the Lat/Long into the Exif Data and Hey Presto, instant embedded Geotag.

Then just upload the photos to Flickr and use Flyr to search for and display any tagged photos in either Google Maps or Google Earth.

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