Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alternative transport

I have 3 days left to get to Canungra or I miss the comp. There is absolutely no chance that the stub axles that I need will be here in time. I have no choice but to leave my car and caravan here in hell and find another car. During the last hour of business today when it became obvious that this was the only way that I was going to make the comp I rang around the local hire car companies but they all baulked at the idea of hang gliders on the roof and the distances involved. I have one more place to try in the morning. Failing that I could buy a cheap car if I could find one, but everything is scarce here in hell.
 I need to be out of here by tomorrow afternoon so that I can make Canungra on Friday, If I can't find a car by then I suppose all hope is lost and I may as well have a frontal lobotomy or become an alcoholic so I can at least hang with the locals whilst I wait for the stub axles to make their way over from Japan on a fishing boat.

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