Monday, April 28, 2008


Friday was a great Bakewell day, Shaun led the way as usual showing
that it was not too east to stay up. When it turned ESE there must
have been nearly 10 aircraft in the air if you count the panties.. On
Sunday I realised I need to rewire my power harness for reliable
starting agan. Karl also flew from Sids to the race course in York!
Maybe Cott again this week..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The weekend turned out to be wet and windy. Karl and I tried Bakewell on
Saturday but decided not to fly, it was too cold for a start. On Sunday
we optimistically drove out to Sids in the hope of an aerotow, but the
weather was still uncooperative.

Today Cott was on, a bit northerly and lumpy at times but Jason, Rob B,
Shaun and I had a great afternoons flying and even Gerry flew his new

Tomorrow might be another Cott day, but a southerly one, fingers crossed...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back In Perth

Yesterday JC, Jumpy & I flew back beach. Today it was too wet and cold
to even try Myalup on the way up to Perth, but we had a look anyway...
I'm parked on Karls verge tonight and my internet is back to full
speed so I can catch up on my uploads over the next week. We are
hoping for a fly somewhere over the weekend...

Monday, April 14, 2008


JC and I drove to Sids on Sunday for some Aerotowing fun. Crossed wires meant that only JC got an aerotow, but I cut the keel on the Perfex and tried her with the power harness. Nice, around 20kph increase in max speed and easily another 15kph in level flight.
Last days in Collie for me, p
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

FLPHG Over Collie

JC & I flew over Collie today. We took off from the racecourse and flew over the town. There was alot of smoke.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunny on the Perfex

Aha, it seems that using reliable old SMTP I can send HTML formatted emails to my blog, even though the GPRS connection only manages about 1400 baud uploading and drops about 15% of the packets. This makes it impossible to use any web based stuff..
Here is Sunny at easter enjoying my Perfex, it put a smile on his face too and he has ordered one now!




Yallingup & Back Beach (Bunbury)

Yesterday (Sunday) was forecast to be westerly on the coast so Shane and I drove to Bunbury hoping to fly Back Beach. When we arrived it was due west but only 5 knots and there were obvious frontal lines to the south. We decided to drive to Yallingup as that was under the frontal cloud and so should have more wind. When we arrived it was off to the North with thermal bubbles and other variations. We set up in the car park and then walked the gliders up to the lookout to take off. Shane flew like a pro and explored every bit of lift available to him. After a couple of top landing tests I decided the beach was the safe option and we both landed on the beach after well over an hour in the air.
Then a quick pack up on the beach and the hercluean task of carrying a glider up a soft sand dune and a fast drive back to Bunbury. Jason was there and flying his fun like a pro as usual. We both flew again for an hour and then I top landed and we all packed up in the dark. Hundreds of Km of driving, but well worth it for flying two new sites in one day.
Jason Top Lands at Back Beach...
The View North from the Air, See Shane?
Yallingup Beach from the Air!
Today (Monday) JC and I flew again at back beach although it was NW and not so much fun. Shane was there too but elected not to fly, much.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Collie from the Air...

Thats Clayton on his Airborne Sting 175 and Explorer Power Harness Combo.

I got the photos I wanted of Collie from the air!Blind optimism gives me hope that you might actually see a picure this time!

I am hoping to fly the coast in Bunbury over the next couple of days and then its north to Perth again!

Notice the Coal Mines and Alumina Refinery and all the trees and the river and you should get a feel for the area. Check my Flikr link for the rest of the photos...
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