Monday, May 30, 2011

Unlimited Web Hosting, Oh so Cheap!

EasyDomain has been offering great deals on Domain Names and web hosting packages for years.
One thing we can not offer ourselves is a truly unlimited plan, that's why we have teamed up with Go Daddy to offer a truly Unlimited Web Hosting package where you really can get Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Storage Space on a Super Fast Server hosted on a Global Internet Backbone in Singapore.

Go Daddy have been offering a fast reliable service from the USA for over 10 years and are ranked in the top 10 web providers in the world. Now that they have fast servers in the Asia Pacific region ping times are less than half of what they used to be for Australian customers.

And the pricing is absolutely unbelievable. They prices are so low you will have to check for yourself. No word of a lie, so much for so little.

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Groote Island and back

I had the pleasure of being flown up to Groote Island and then flying a 172 back to Jandakot. There were several familiar airfields like Tindal, Kununurra, Broome, Port Headland and Derby and some new ones like Groote Island, Newman & Meekatharra. It was fun flying back, always made more interesting by a new aircraft with some issues.

I'm looking forward to bringing the 172 online with RolfAir so that we can double our capacity in the near future.

This is an amazing video of the VLT setup in Chile. If you have the bandwidth select the 720p option and go full screen and sit back and get blown away by the universe. I have been to a few remote places where there is no light pollution and you can lie on the ground and see a similar picture, but nothing as cool as this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

All work!

This year has been all about getting my new business established, it has meant a lot of work. As a result I have had less chances to fly my hang glider (fun) or keep up my running fitness (brutal fun)

Last year I did my first official Ultra and it was the end result of several months training, it went pretty well considering.

Today i ran my first marathon, down at Bunbury. I managed to cross the line in a time of 3 Hrs and 44 Minutes. I averaged 83% of max heart rate for the run and it was hard work. Considering how little actual running and training I have done this year it was a pretty good result. My cardio was great, my legs were just about done at the 32k mark.

Of course Bernadette ran the 50k and took first female and set a new Canadian record, she came in 15 minutes after me despite having run an extra 8km!