Saturday, October 07, 2006

Glory Cycle Starting again

Last night the humidity increased and stayed up around 70% all night, It was not enough for a dew on the ground, but better than we have been getting for the last few weeks. Sure enough a MG was visible at first light, but still 50 miles away. It had a very messy top which is usually a sign of a dying cloud. Sure enough the motor glider boys had to fly out 30 miles to intercept it and then found no lift and came home quickly. The cloud was being pushed along on a Northerly front that suddenly arrived with 15/20 knot winds on the ground, increasing to 30/35knots at height. Before the Northerly arrived it was absolutely nil wind on the ground and Bill had another unsuccessful take-off in the challenging conditions. He did just get up eventually though, because it was so close I feel compelled to post it to youtube, so check later.
Even though the Northerly might be bringing in moisture, in my heart I doubt that the high winds are going to be conducive to a stable roll cloud forming tomorrow, also Bill had to use his motor to avoid landing backwards when he came in, a nice trick if you have an electric start, not something I can do with my pull start though..
I am packing the car and caravan ready for tomorrow. The gliders/harnesses are still in our hangar ready for the morning just in case we get one last chance...
An Irishman with a power harness and an Arab friendly bio diesel van is here to try his luck, his timing is looking pretty good...

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