Friday, February 19, 2021

 I had a pretty epic flight today.

I hiked up the Porongorups on the Tree in a Rock Trail.

A few days ago I ran the trail and spotted a rock section that would be good for a Southerly. 

I got lucky and today we had a light Southerly and it was pretty thermic too.

There were some clouds, but it was hard to stay in the lift under them, the wind seemed to vary between E and SW and the thermal drift was hard to follow.

I was aiming for the campsite on the North Side of the Stirling range.

I should have aimed for the highest peak I could get to and I am sure there would have been lift, but I was cold and hungry and the air was pretty rough at times.

I took the safer option and stayed within glide to a landable area.

So I landed. Predictable huh.

I was less than 10km from my declared goal.

I had a camera fail, I think I might get some footage from a hiker who was on launch.

Here is the tracklog for viewing...