Saturday, October 21, 2006


I made it safely, it was a very long drive but I was dropped off in the early hours of Friday morning by my German backpackers. I guess I was too honest about the lack of dancing girls and my friends in the van left on their way to Nimbin or somewhere. Initially it looked like Saturday would be called, but after getting rain on launch it stopped raining and that was enough for the task committee to declare a 50km race across the valleys. Only 4 people made goal, the unstoppable Johnny Durand Jnr who despite looking and feeling quite under the weather had no trouble making goal. Corinna and ScottB were the first 2 into goal.
It was a tough day with almost solid cloud cover at different levels and very few clues from clouds or sun patches on the ground, those flying in a gaggle benefited greatly from it. I landed about half way along the course line after fighting my way from one 200ft/sec thermal to the next. The task has not been scored yet, but I will try and post the results up here when it has.

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