Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wylie & Power

We had an excellent day on Saturday out at Wylie, we had 3 power harnesses up in the air at the same time, me on the fun 160, Matty on his Peagsus and Gary on his Climax. We all did a heap of low level stuff and Mirek got some great footage. The forecast is for 4 days of Westerlies so we are off to Cott!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sadly my Canon camera will cost over $350 to fix, so for $250 I bought a new waterproof pentax 7mp that will hopefully last longer. So its RIP the canon that did capture some 4000 shots over the last year before sand killed it.

Wylie Again

Had a great day of Power fun. Cain and Matty were up at the same time and we had a good flight. Cain has engine problems... Matty has his trike passenger carrying now...

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I am out in Wyalkatchem again, Matty is training new students with the school all week. Assuming the weather improves, we have a Cu Nimb over head at the moment and the forecast is similar for the next few days. I had a great flight on my power harness yesterday and the new legs with wheels work really well, taxi is much easier now.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Awesome day at Shellies

We had a great Shellie's day, light so you had to work but with the potential to get high at the same time. Matty did 7 top landings, i did a few too and had a great day. The day started with a swim in the ocean and we flew all day long.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Its cold and wet and windy here at the moment. Almost everyone has gone. We had a good day here a few days ago, but since it has been very windy. The wind is starting to drop now and possibly this afternoon will be flyable here. Failing that tomorrow looks promising at the moment. Its about 18'C here at the moment and too cold for me. My canon camera died the other day, I think it is a few weeks past the warranty, I will find out in perth.

Friday, April 06, 2007


  This morning the wind was light and Northerly, but it swung around to the West and by 3pm we were all flying Sandpatch. It stayed on all afternoon with everybody packing up at dusk. Matty flew about half a dozen tandems, including one with me! I flew the Climax and had a blast throwing her around and then put her back in the same spot I set up. Matty had a go of my C4 too and was impressed. There were about 10 other pilots around and conditions were an idea 12-14knots SW all afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow morning Shellies will be on and we can have a breakfast fly.


Matty & I are in Albany since Weds night. The weather has been great for camping and lousy for flying, although it looks about to change and we are about to head off to Sandpatch for a fly. Not many HG are down here and only on PG, I guess the weather is responsible for that.