Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not quite a smile ;-)

But as close as I got. Honestly I was elated at this point, my
navigation was perfect, the flight & landing were perfect too & a
charming waitress just put some of my favourite food in front of me.
This must be what I look like when I am really happy ;-)

Short Video

Karl got the T/O at Leeuwin and the landing at Jandakot. Here it is.

This is the second attempt! the first one failed after a Youtube codec incompatibility issue. Works now!

It was slightly tail leaving Leeuwin, but less than 5 knots and I definitely wanted to be going down hill and away from the big trees. I used every inch of available ground and it was an easy T/O.
Coming into Jandakot I arrived in the circuit just behind a Fire Spotter who decided to do a right hand circuit for 24, this upset the guy who was already doing a left hand circuit in a Sportstar and so I joined the left hand circuit downwind as I could keep both aircraft visual and I flew a nice slow base and final to make sure they were both well clear of the runway by the time I got there. It was my first entry into Jandakot after hours when it becomes a CTAF-R and it was quite strange to have an empty tower. I was confident it was a left hand circuit and how to proceed, but have to admit I was momentarily thrown by the firespotter when he did his right hand circuit.

Smile you idiot!

_DSC0026, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I just flew down to Leeuwin in my plane and am about to enjoy a gourmet lunch, whats with the long face?

Perth prepares for Australia Day

_DSC0012, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Go on, check Flikr for all the pics.

Jandakot to Leeuwin Estate and back...

I was thinking about flying up to Exmouth for the weekend, but after
seeing the temperature was 40'C+ and realising that I would be incurring
hundreds of dollars to call the Mobil fuel people out on the weekend in
Carnarvon I decided instead to fly down to Margaret river with Karl. We
flew into the private strip at the Leeuwin Estate (after I signed the
indemnity form) and despite the warning about it having a radical slope
and being a scary gravel strip it turned out to be just fine. We left
around midday and I did an orbit of the city so Karl could get some
shots of the Australia day preparations. Then we headed down the coast
to Leeuwin Estate via Bunbury. As we tracked from Bunbury to Leeuwin
estate I had a few moments of trepidation as the Margeret River strip
was easily visible but it took a while to spot the Leeuwin strip, but as
always dead reckoning worked and the GPS stayed switched off.
We landed on 34 and I did a textbook short field landing and was at
walking pace long before the drop off I was warned about.
It was only a short walk from where we parked the plane to the
restaurant where we were absolutely spoilt with the impeccable service
and amazing cuisine. I am uploading Karls photos to Flikr at the moment
and they should be online soon. Karl also got the Take Off at Leewin and
the Landing at Jandakot on film and that will be on You-Tube as soon as
I get a chance to upload it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Track Log

Passing Bakewell

IMGP5698.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I passed in between Northam (on the left) and Mt Bakewell and York on the right on the way to Wylie.

Leaving Perth

IMGP5696.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Today I flew from Jandakot to Wyalkatchem and back, I was hoping to get my RAA 3 Axis Ultralight license sorted, I have to go back next week as we ran out of time today. It was a nice flight, dead reckoning all the way and gee it works well. I have a tracklog from the GPS I turned on just so I could see my ground speed.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I passed my PPL-A flight test today! Now I am a fully qualified
unrestricted pilot with an aeroplane, a good feeling. I am studying for
my IREX exam at the moment, with the plan being to resume my commercial
pilot training in a month when I will have 250Hrs and have passed all my
commercial written exams and my Irex exam.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Update 2009

Happy New Year. 2009 has arrived and I saw it in with friends and had a
relaxing time over the holiday season. Finally I have my PPL flight test
booked for later this week and cannot wait to cross that one off the list.
Some moron smashed the passenger side window of my car last night and
stole my Sat Nav and whatever else he could carry away with him into the
night. I have seriously lost count, but that is at least the 10th time I
have had my car broken into in Perth, I guess that's why we rank No1 in
Australia for theft. I did not even bother to report it to the Police,
they seriously don't care, the last couple of times they talked me out
of making a report, I guess to make their figures look better.