Sunday, May 31, 2009


olgasdistpana.jpg, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Of all the walking I did today, I enjoyed the 7.4km walk around the Olgas the most, it was interesting enough to be classified as difficult in the tourist guides and hence has the lowest density of tourists. At some points I was almost 100M away from the nearest tourist. If you look carefully you can just see the highest peak shrouded in cloud when I took this photo. The forecast is terrible, more low cloud at 800ft at the moment and light drizzle with visibility down to 3km. At the moment from Warburton on it looks good for the run to Kalgoorlie, but I can't get out of here. The wind is swinging north and is already west on the other side of Kalgoorlie, once I have a significant headwind I will be unable to make the leg from Warburton to Kalgoorlie, so tomorrow will probably be my last chance to go that way, if I can't get out of here tomorrow I may have to go with my original plan of south and then west.

The Rock

ayerspana1.jpg, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

This morning it was freezing and in the drizzle and low cloud the tops of Ayers Rock and the Olgas was shrouded in cloud. It was obvious I was not going anywhere. By late morning cloudbase started to life and so I spent the day walking around Uluru and the Olgas, I think I walked about 20kms today. They are certainly some pretty rocks. Whilst i can appreciate their majesty and beauty I felt more of a connection with the canyons I explored around exmouth, mainly because I was completely alone, and here you are permanently surrounded by tourists from all over the world. Perhaps the most confronting are the Japanese who choose to go everywhere wearing medical face masks.

Trapped at Ayers Rock

Cloud base is still 500ft and its still raining. It will raise to 2000ft
later but that is not enough. I'm here another night.

TAF YAYE 302220Z 3100/3112
10010KT 4000 DRIZZLE BKN005
FM310200 09010KT 9999 BKN020
T 10 14 16 16 Q 1023 1023 1022 1021
TAF AMD YAYE 301939Z 3019/3112
10010KT 4000 BKN005
FM310200 09010KT 9999 BKN020
T 08 08 12 15 Q 1022 1023 1023 1022
METAR YAYE 302300Z AUTO 09007KT 9999NDV // OVC006 09/08 Q1024
RMK RF00.0/000.0

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Its 7'C here and there is light drizzle. Cloudbase is 1000ft. It's
freezing! My room has an air conditioner, but I would rather a heater at
the moment! The whole place here is owned by one company all the hotels
and associated services too. There are only 2 types of people, tourists
and employees. The forecast is looking pretty lousy. The forecast cloud
is below my minimum safe altitude for the run to Warburton and there are
still thunderstorms and showers in the area. Kalgoorlie is looking
better, but has scattered cloud at 2500ft at the moment, so not great.
The area forecasts and TAFs will be updated in about 8hrs and I will be
able to make a go/no go decision then. If cloud base lifts a few
thousand feet I would be comfortable leaving later tomorrow and flying
part of the Warburton to Kalgoorlie leg at night, but only if Kalgoorlie
is 100% perfect as far as the current weather and forecast is concerned.
If I can't get out of here tomorrow it looks like Tuesday might be my
next chance, and then another cold front might trap me in Kalgoorlie for
a few days. I've really been spoilt by the weather over summer and
whilst I would like to be on my way, I do appreciate the value of
finally being able to apply in practice all the theoretical
meteorological skills I have learned. I used the planes carby heat in
anger for the first time today, the first time ever I have been aware I
was in prime icing conditions and it would be prudent to avoid any ice
build up. The area forecast has the freezing level at 6000ft around here
so I'd like to either be above it or below it and well clear of cloud on
the way home. Fingers crossed the next forecast is a better one,
otherwise I'll have to resign myself to being a cold tourist for a few
more days.

The Rock

IMG_0473.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

This is my best shot of the Rock so far. If I manage to get out in the morning I will track via the Rock and see if I can get a better photo on the way to Warburton, if I am stuck here another day then I will try again tomorrow. If it looks like the weather might improve in the afternoon when its too take to head for Kalgoorlie then I'll take a shuttle out to the rock and have look around on foot. As always Flickr has many more photos from the last couple of days.


IMG_0468.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Believe the TAF and the Area forecast was the lesson for today!
Despite the forecast of broken cloud at 2000 and thunderstorms in the area it looked OK from the ground. I spoke to the tower and they said it looked pretty clear. After take off on climb to 4000 and tracking for the rock I was suddenly surrounded by low cloud and rain and had to circle in between showers at 3000ft for 20 mins. A Qantas Boeing executed a missed approach whilst I was holding about 10 miles to the south of the airport due to low visibility. The showers passed but I could see more rain and low cloud inbound from the east so I took my chance to return to the airfield for a landing after the the Boeing and just before conditions deteriorated again. I was never IMC, but it was close and it was a valuable lesson and more great experience! At the moment it is not looking good for the flight to Kalgoorlie tomorrow with broken cloud at 4000, but it may improve over night and there is still a chance I'll be leaving in the morning.

Ayers Rock

Today it is damp and freezing cold and windy, but cloud base is quite
high and there is some blue sky. I am about to head off to the airport
to fly myself around the Rock. I have been recalculating my leg home
based on the strong easterlies we have for the next couple of days and I
am thinking about changing my route to be home via Warburton and then
Kalgoorlie. Warburton to Kalgoorlie will be my longest run yet at almost
400NM but with an easterly behind me I should be able to get there with
my reserves intact. The forecast is looking better for tomorrow with no
cloud below 5000ft and the thunderstorms moving away to the east, if the
forecast is accurate and the winds and clouds look good tomorrow morning
I will be in Kalgoorlie tomorrow night.

Friday, May 29, 2009

On the ground at Ayers Rock

IMG_0467.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I was delighted to be here, it was great decision making and a good outcome. I am pleased with the way I planned and executed the last leg. The last 2 days have been the most interesting of the trip so far!
In shot is just one of the 3 torches I carry with me, they help to make electrical failures at night a non event, rather than a disaster!
I'm hoping the weather breaks tomorrow afternoon so I can do my scenic flight of the Rock and the Canyons. We have embedded thunderstorms on the TAF until 9am tomorrow at the moment.


IMG_0448.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way to Ayers rock I had to dodge rain showers, I never left VMC though, but it probably added about 35mins to the trip time due to the course deviations and the variable winds along the way. I had 5Hrs of fuel in the tanks and had my no return point in mind and would have turned back to Alice if conditions had deteriorated.

Close to Alice

IMG_0433.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way on the terrain started to rise...


IMG_0422.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way to alice, blue skies above, sand dunes below.

Approaching Boulia

IMG_0394.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.


IMG_0372.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Much of Australia looks the same from above, that is what makes the features stand out so much. Here rivers caused presumably by the big wet further north in QLD cause veins of life to run through an otherwise arid landscape.

Clear Sailing

IMG_0360.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

After Hughenden the skies were clear, there was high level cloud but not much below 10,000ft. I flew the leg at 8500ft mainly to stay above the thermals and rough hot air below, at some points small cumulus clouds developed between 7-9000ft, I had to dodge a couple.


IMG_0358.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

This was the airfield where I stopped for fuel on the way to Boulia. Also where I got clobbered on short finals!

Cloud Streets

IMG_0351.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

As i headed away from Cairns the cloud gradually thinned before becoming cloud streets and then completely vanishing after about 150Nm. I was cruising at 8500ft for this leg.

Leaving Cairns

IMG_0322.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I love Cairns. Did I mention that? The view from my balcony on Thursday morning was great, lots of blue sky and a few clouds. By the time I left the airport there were a lot of clouds and a few small blue holes. I had to circle up thought the blue holes to remain clear of cloud and it was a new experience to be surrounded by hills and clouds and be in a tight turn at vx. The controller even noticed! I have to thank the Cairns controllers for their helpfulness and patience in their dealings with a low hours pilot who was dealing with all this stuff for the first time.
Once I got above it it was all smooth sailing. I am so glad I got my night rating, the ability to navigate with confidence based solely on instruments is of great comfort when you are VFR on top of cloud.

The worst photo of Ayers Rock. Ever!

IMG_0466.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I made it to Ayers Rock, Connellan, whatever you want to call it. This morning I rang the Met office in Darwin from Boulia to check the weather and almost did not make the run to Alice Springs based on their scary predictions. Then when I got to Alice and realised that I would be stuck there for at least a couple of days if the weather deteriorated as forecast, I asked a couple of local pilots for a second opinion about trying to make Ayers Rock. As it turned out I made it, and learnt so much in the progress. Cloudbase is 1000ft here now, and its raining, and 10'C , never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Ayers Rock like this!


I'm going to sneak into Alice ahead of the Thunderstorms. It is highly
unlikely I will be able to get to Ayers Rock today. I just spoke to the
Darwin Met office and they say there is a chance that the storms could
arrive an hour earlier, but as long as I am on the ground by 0300 I
should be OK. I'm leaving now.

TAF AMD YBAS 281636Z 2818/2918
11008KT 9999 LIGHT RAIN BKN080
TEMPO 2906/2915 12012KT 6000 RAIN BKN015 SCT040
T 09 08 09 15 Q 1022 1023 1024 1022
METAR YBAS 282130Z 10010KT CAVOK 11/M00 Q1021
RMK RF00.0/000.0

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Leg

Tomorrow I'm off to Alice, 334Nm and about 4hrs depending on the winds,
I'm going to try and make Ayers Rock on the same day, another 183Nm but
less than 2 hours hopefully. After that I am heading back to Perth, But,
I have been unable to find fuel the direct route, my plane has an
endurance of 5Hrs if I was to run the tanks dry, but legally I have to
always have 45mins in reserve and I always allow an hour to be safe. It
means I am limited to 4hrs per leg when planning and I have limited the
legs to 350Nm to allow for headwinds. One thing that i have discovered
is that the Area forecast winds are often not particularly accurate when
you are doing long legs, they might be right at the start or the end or
the middle of the leg, but rarely everywhere.
So after Ayers Rock my next stop for fuel will be Coober Pedy, another
almost 4hr leg. Then Ceduna, a relatively short 2Hr hop, then off to the
Nullabor Motel before returning to Jandakot via Caiguna and Norseman.
The weather is going to be more interesting for these legs as its winter
and there are onshore winds bringing rain and thunderstorms. Weather
permitting I have one night planned at Ayers Rock, One at Cedunda and
then probably Norseman before returning to Jandakot, the weather will be
the decider though.


Today was good experience for me. When I awoke in Cairns there was a
lot of blue sky, but by the time I was departing the airport it was
fairly overcast, I had to circle up inside the blue holes to stay clear
of cloud and change my planned track and levels to get through it. Once
I got above it at 8500ft it was fine, I could see small patches of
ground through the holes, but was able to get my fixes using instruments
so no problem. About 150miles from Cairns the cloud dissipated.

Landing at Hughenden a Dusty kicked off on the runway end just as I was
short finals, it was a great test and I handled it OK, not a greaser,
but I was happy to be on the centreline, and on the ground.
When I got to Boulia there was an RPT twin on the ground and as I joined
midfield crosswind he made his taxi call and then said he would wait for
me, I flew the tightest little circuit I have ever flown and was on the
ground and out of his way in 30secs. And it was a greaser! Maybe having
an audience helps ;-)

I just had a great rump steak at the Boulia Pub, great food there. There
is light rain at Alice, but with cloudbase at 8000ft so I am not too
worried about it, but Ayers rock has a 30% chance of thunderstorms and a
Tempo with BKN at 1000. I'll be checking the weather very carefully in
the morning before I head off and probably ringing the MET office for
some reassurance too. It's a long flight to Alice and I'll have about an
hour of fuel in the tanks when I arrive so I am not going if there is
any chance of Thunderstorms in the area.

I'm looking forward to an early night after a long day, and fingers
crossed the weather cooperates tomorrow.

I'm on my backup dodgy overpriced Telstra internet connection here so no
photos today. Tomorrow hopefully.



The weather has improved, scattered cloud, plenty of blue sky. I'm out
of here!. I love Cairns!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weather Improves

I spoke to the Met Office and the Tower at Cairns earlier and they are
both optimistic I will be able to get out tomorrow. There are a couple
of small blue holes appearing in the sky and the showers are easing off.
I might have to do a little VFR on top on the way out, but it will be
less than 30mins and will take me past the edge of the cloud so no
problem. I'm planning to fly out around 10am in the morning, so I should
be back on track for Boulia tomorrow evening and Alice on Friday.

Another day in Cairns

I've accepted the fact I am not going anywhere today. I've booked my
Class 1 medical with a local DAME for this afternoon, at least I can
feel like I have accomplished something today! Tomorrow I will take any
chance I can get to escape as the weather will deteriorate (is that
possible?) on Friday and I will be here for the weekend if I can't get
out. I may have to change my plans and just head for the nearest airport
with fuel on the other side of the range.


I Just rang the Cairns Met office to get an update on the weather as I
have the same ominous picture outside my window as I did yesterday....
The bad news is that they have revised the forecasts with the moist
onshore flow remaining with us for at least another week. During this
time cloud base will be low with almost constant showers. Thursday is
supposed to be the least bad day out of them all, the met man was
optimistic that blue holes would open up late morning, he was not very
hopeful for today, there is a small chance I might be able to sneak
through a hole mid afternoon, but that does not give me much time to go
anywhere. Cloud tops are at 9000ft so I would have problems getting over
the top too.

Based on my observations and the forecast I don't think In am going
anywhere today. Ironically the forecaster said that on the other side of
Mareeba the cloud dissipates quite quickly, if only I could get there.

If any blue holes open up I'll take my chance today, but I suspect it
will be tomorrow when I get out of here.

Its raining again outside and cloud base looks like 800ft.

If I get a chance to leave it has to be before 3pm to be be able to make
Hughendon before dark.

Whilst I am here I am going to try and get my Class 2 Medical done.

TAF AMD YBCS 261641Z 2618/2718
FM270000 14015KT 9999 LIGHT SHOWERS OF RAIN SCT025 BKN040
FM270800 17010KT 9999 LIGHT SHOWERS OF RAIN SCT020 BKN040
INTER 2618/2702 3000 SHOWERS OF RAIN BKN018
T 21 21 24 25 Q 1014 1016 1017 1015
BKN025 BKN040 22/19
RMK RF00.0/012.8
INTER 2200/0100 3000 SHOWERS OF RAIN BKN018
BKN040 22/19
RMK RF00.0/012.8
ATIS YBCS H 262112
RWY: 15
WND: 160/13
CLD: SCT020 SCT033
TMP: 22
+ QNH: 1015

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weather Forecasts....

The forecast has changed today with the blue skies forecast for Weds no
longer being forecast. It looks like it might improve in the afternoon,
but I need an early start for the long flight ahead, also the runway
lights at Boulia are listed as not working in the Notam so getting there
after dark is not an option. Last light in Boulia is 6.27pm local time,
to give myself a margin I want to arrive before 6pm, it's a 3hr flight
from Hughenden and I need to allow 1hr on the ground there to refuel, so
I have to get into Hughenden by 2pm. Its a 3 hr flight from Cairns to
Hughenden so I have to be on my way by 11am. I'll be out at the airport
by 9am and the plane is refueled and ready to go, so if there is a break
in the weather I'll take my chance. The weather on the other side of the
ranges is better and it should be clear skies by the time I get inland
to Hughenden. Hopefully when the sun comes up tomorrow there will be
some blue sky so I can get out of Cairns. Fingers crossed!

ATIS YBCS B 260858
RWY: 15
WND: 170/15
CLD: FEW005 SCT010 BKN020
TMP: 21
+ QNH: 1015

Home via Alice

The weather is looking promising for tomorrow. I am planning to head
west taking the opportunity to visit Ayers Rock on the way.
Tomorrow I am hoping to head off to Hughendon and then Boulia for the
night, both legs are going to be around 3hrs so I need to leave early to
make sure I have time to refuel and don't run out of daylight.
The next day I have a huge almost 4hr flight to Alice Springs before a
relatively short 2hr hop to Ayers Rock. After a night at the rock I am
planning to fly over at sunrise before heading south to Cooper Pedy and
then West via Ceduna, Nullarbor, Caiguna and Kalgoorlie.

The weather is going to require much more planning for this part of the

Rained In

cairns26pana.jpg, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Cloudbase is around 800ft, visibility not much. I just got soaked down at the airport. I'm staying another night in Cairns, lucky me! The forecast is for clear skies tomorrow so I am going to do some more exploring in the rain today.

Monday, May 25, 2009


cairnspana.jpg, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Today the southerlies brought a moist airflow and closed off my route to Hughenden to the south west. Since I took the photo the whole range has been covered in cloud and it's looking black and ominous. Rain is forecast for this evening and tomorrow and whilst I am still going to try and get out tomorrow morning I give myself a 15% chance. Weds looks like better weather and I suspect that will be when I leave Cairns now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Cairns!

IMG_0284.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Did i mention that? The weather is perfect, the people are great. I wondered around the CBD for an hour looking for a place to stay and when I felt I could not go any further with my heavy bags I tried the Novotel expecting to be re-energised by the price, and found it was cheaper that most of the other motels I have stayed at so far. I am feeling spoilt by the luxury after all the outback motels!

I need a good nights sleep and to check the weather carefully. I don't think I'll be heading down the coast with the radical weather down there at the moment, instead I am planning to head to Alice to check out Ayers Rock and then along the south coast back to Perth.

I've clocked up over 26Hrs already and will have well over my target of 50 by the time I get back to Jandakot.

GA Terminal

IMG_0283.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Cairns has a very cute little GA terminal with toilets and a courtesy phone. I was directed to a parking spot and then a safety officer came over to ask if I needed anything and give me a card with the security codes on it, he even called the refuelers for me. Great service. I love Cairns!

Cairns Airport

IMG_0281.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way into Cairns I tried from 130 miles to raise clearance delivery to no avail. Once I was 15 miles from the edge of airspace I was starting to get nervous so I called up flight watch to check the frequency in the ERSA. They told me to call approach who very kindly vectored me straight in for a right base for 15. Painless. They were all very helpful. I love Cairns!

Cairns just on the other side!

IMG_0276.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.


IMG_0267.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I was in airspace and about to request a lower level for separation from cloud when the controller started my descent into Cairns.

Closer to Cairns

IMG_0260.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

About 120 miles from Cairns the terrain started to rise and the clouds started to appear. I was cruising at 7500ft and that was cloudbase!


IMG_0245.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way to Cairns the ground stopped being flat. Gradually.


IMG_0223.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.


IMG_0220.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Flood plains

IMG_0219.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Burketown to Normanton

IMG_0212.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I can't help wondering how many crocs are down there with the Barramundi when I look at the rivers in the Gulf.

Getting Fuel at Burketown

IMG_0208.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Terrorist Proof Fence

IMG_0207.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

This is one of my favourite exampled of bureaucratic stupidity. When I was in Burketown last to fly the morning glory on my hang glider they built this security fence to keep the filthy terrorists out of the airfield. The funny thing is that is only runs for 100M either side of the gate! Look closely at the photo and you can see it only takes 45 secs to walk around it! Why not just have a bigger sign for the honest terrorists that can read?

Gulf Country

IMG_0184.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.


IMG_0169.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

This was quite a painless refuel. Just a phone call to the pump owners and 20mins later I was on my way. My right mag was running rough for a while and gave me a few worried minutes when i did my runnup.

Walls of Smoke

IMG_0162.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

In places there was a wall of smoke downwind of the fires. The scenery was unchanged for hours.

Scared Landscape

IMG_0155.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Leaving Tindal

IMG_0145.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

After an overnight stay in Catherine I headed off to Borroloola. There have been a lot of fires in the NT and QLD visibility has not been good. The wind has been all over the place too.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More photos

As usual I uploaded all the pics I took to Flicker . I mean Derby when I
say Denham. Tired, mistakes!

GA Apron at Tindal

IMG_0142.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

It was crowded there last night! I just slept like a baby and now its time to make some calls to check the fuel supplies along my route and decide whether to press on to Croydon today.


IMG_0136.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the area frequency I listened as Darwin was closed due to a lighting failure and other aircraft were diverted to Tindal, my destination. I had rung to check that the lights were working and switched on before i left Kununarra and was reassured to listed to a Quantas Boeing 717 making his calls on the CTAF just before I got there. Sure enough all the lights were on. There was fire surrounding the airfield and fire engines everywhere. My first landing with such amazing lights and I got to use the ILS for the first time too! I did a 10 mile straight in approach.


IMG_0093.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Is like a little green oasis!


IMG_0090.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

There is some tiger country on the way into Kununarra!

Old Country

IMG_0065.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

The cloudbase kept lifting as I got further inland.

Coastal Cloud

IMG_0038.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

The cloud vanished inland or over water, Denham was clear.

Under the Clouds

IMG_0031.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

On the way to Denham at 4500ft


IMG_0022.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

The forecast called for clear skies. However there was a lot of coastal cloud along my route, sometimes with bottoms as low as 4500. There was also a lot of smoke and haze in places. I was going to go above the cloud, but as it stretched as far as the eye could see i decided to play it safe and stay under it.

Departing Broome

IMG_0015.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I decided to play it safe and stop in Derby for a top up before heading of to Wyndham, before leaving Broome I rang to check that Wyndham had fuel and was told that they were out and the nearest fuel was Kunanara.


IMG_0012.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

I stayed at the Broome Motel and was up at 7.30am ready for another big journey. I should have expected I was on Broome/Kimberley time and waited an hour for the taxi and then nearly 2 hours for fuel before i finally got going.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Day Planned

I've got a huge leg planned for tomorrow. I should start out with light
Northerly winds and fly into stronger Southerlies if the forecast is
accurate. I have planned for over 6.5Hrs flying time and an hour for the
2 refueling stops at Derby and Wyndham, for a 7.5Hr day starting at 8am
in Broome. I need to get off early to ensure that I get to Tindal before
dark, if I do arrive after Sunset my night rating will keep me safe and

Flight Notification

Your flight notification as shown below has been accepted:
-N0100A055 DCT
-N0100A075 DCT
-N0100A075 DCT

New Camera

I bought a really strange looking camera. Apparently designed by Captain
Nemo himself, it is like nothing else out there. However it has 12.1
mega Pixel Canon optics and the best image quality of anything out
there. The Pentax I had was a great camera, but this leaves it for dead.
I was looking at the Olympus mu 8000 as it also has a 12 mp sensor and
is equally water resistant and shock proof, but the image quality is
nowhere near the Canon. It will take me a while to get used to the bulk
of the Canon, but I guess I will.
I've also now got a working charger for my phone. I'm heading off early
in the morning and will probably be spending the next night in the
vicinity of the Tindal RAAF base.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exmouth-Port Headland-Broome

I had a great flight. Hard work landing at port Headland with a rough
xwind, but that's what this is all about. I got to do a 10 mile final at
Broome. So many cool photos I would have loved to have taken, and so
tomorrow I am shopping for a new camera.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spear Fish

Gav flew me to the other side of the Gulf in the Ramphos and we landed
on the water next to a small island. We spent a couple of hours
snorkelling and hunting and Gav provided dinner by spearing 2 Mangrove
Jacks. I did not have the heart to pull the trigger and so I let all the
fishes get away, it had a lot to do with my very limited knowledge of
fish. I had a couple of fish try and commit suicide by refusing to move
when I pointed the spear-gun at them from point blank range, but in the
back of my mind was the thought that I might be about to shoot something
rare or inedible and regret it. It's my last couple of days in Exmouth,
I am hoping my new phone charger arrives in time, and I think I will
have to wait until I get to Broome before I find a replacement camera.