Sunday, October 01, 2006

Early Glory

Just a few minutes after my alarm woke me this morning I heard the trees start to rustle outside. Sure enough a powerful Glory and several secondaries rolled overhead, in the dark. Doh. Bill and I set up and went for a fly anyway, it was great to have 2 power harnesses up at the same time. The big surprise of the day was that the fun 160 left his big sting for dead, well at least as far as the climb rate was concerned anyway. His engine is running sweetly and sounds like it is making as much or more power than mine and we are both weigh about the same in our harness. You would think the big sting would be running rings around the fun 160 but not so. He has a folding prop and I have a fixed CF version, so that is one possibility, the other would be his thrust line I guess. Tomorrow we might swap Props and see if that makes a difference....

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