Monday, October 16, 2006

Differences in Advertising Standards

I'm hoping to get out of Innisfail tomorrow, my gearbox has still not arrived, but should be here this afternoon or tomorrow.
One of the big differences I notice between QLD and WA is the nature of the advertising. They have a lot of very questionable stuff here. Tony Robins is probably only moderately evil, sure he takes your money, but he makes you feel good about it. But stuff like the Hiclone is just plain wrong, it prays on people who believe the impossible marketing lies that they perpetrate. Just about every single mechanic I have been past here sells them, they must be a great winner for those selling them, cheap to manufacture, easy to install and you can charge the customer heaps based on the flawed assumption they are going to get an improvement in fuel economy, oh, and power of course. Its an evil lie, I had the great misfortune to deal with a dodgy car mechanic in Perth once, he had a dyno and the local TV stations car show came down to do an Advertorial style piece on the Hiclone, they dynoed a car without it, then fitted it and dynoed it again. The results were actually that the Hiclone reduced power very slightly, but it was so little that it was probably more due to the rise in air temperature as the day went on. But of course when the spot aired they had amazing results and it was well worth the money. I can't express how little respect I have for the media when they do stuff like this.
There is also a fair bit of religious advertising and the type of ads that pray on the fearful, inviting them to take out death insurance so that their surviving family won't have to deal with the nightmare of paying for the funeral, in the ad they invite you to call now with a credit card, no paperwork required. Then they tell you how easy it is to claim, you just have to properly complete the relevant paperwork and send it in to us and we often pay within a few days.....

Here is the science as to why Hiclones and all the other names for it are a load of rubbish.

Tony Robbins makes fire-walking a big part of his act, of course its only possible if you are correctly motivated. What a load of crap, my favourite story is of the sceptical journalist who turned up to one of his events and told everyone it was a load of rubbish then walked across the coals chanting "Burn feet, Burn" of course nothing happened, ash is one of the best insulators we know of. I want to see Tony Robbins walk across red hot rocks, that would be entertaining.

I want to be writing about how great the flying was today, not about things that I see and hear that piss me off.

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