Thursday, October 26, 2006

Canungra Thursday

Red faces was exactly that, you had to be there. Today the wind was strong enough to be soarable on Tambo but a thick layer of high cloud covered the area when we arrived, we sat on the hill rigged up and ready to go for 3 hours before it finally started to break up. Alternate all went to the back of the field as it did not clear in time for them. I got away but I was still having issues with gaggle flying and never got above 3000ft from where I was not comfortable crossing over unknown ridges. I landed close to where I was yesterday on the other side of Misery and was happy with my landing. I am learning allot about the dark art of finding lift on ridges and my confidence and judgement is improving here, however I need to get comfortable in large gaggles before I can really find out what I am capable of.

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