Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Long drive ahead...

Again, no Glory today. Dry Ground, no humidity, no seabreeze. Doh. Doh. Doh.

It's a good thing that I don't particularly mind driving.
It's about 2700km from here in Burketown to Canungra. I am dropping Bill the kiwi off in Cairns on the way. We are going to stay an extra couple of days in the faint hope that another Glory might come through, Bill is the one person who has travelled further than me to get here and so it would be a real shame for him to go home empty handed. Today saw a mass exodus of pilots, the forecast is not looking good. The legendary BillO and posse are having one more try in the morning and then may also leave unsatisfied. It has been a tough year, I feel especially fortunate to have lucked out as I did.
I am planning to be in Cairns on Saturday and I will spend a couple of days there, heading south again on Tuesday.
I have to be in Canungra by the 12th and will leave my caravan there whilst I head down to meet ScottB at a training camp starting on the 14th in the Hunter Valley, another 1000kms south. Then after a week it's back to Canungra where the Comps start. Posted by Picasa

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