Saturday, September 27, 2008


Bim & I mixed it up at Cott this afternoon. It was strange air, mostly
due west but with big holes. I top landed once and had to beach land
twice because there were too many spectators to scrape in safely on top.
A challenging day but Cott is always fun!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in Oz

After a couple of months in Europe I am back in Oz again. Summer was not
great, yet again in the UK. Whether it is climate change or just that I
am so thoroughly spoilt by the Australian summers I'm not sure. I drove
to Switzerland in my last week to see family.

I flew back into Exmouth as that's where I left my shell in storage.
After a week of Exmouth sun I decided to head down to Perth and I had an
entirely uneventful journey until I got about 300kms from Perth and the
right hand side leaf spring on the caravan disintegrated whilst I was
driving. Luckily my iPod had broken and so rather than listening to loud
music I was able to hear the leaf springs snap and I managed to keep the
caravan under control and get it stopped on the side of the road. The
axle was trying to get away and so I had to reverse back up the road to
get it back under the caravan and to a more level place for repairs. I
drove into Perth and got a new leaf spring and then changed it in the
mud at the side of the Brand Hwy and made it safely to Perth.

After so much travelling I am going to be in Perth for a while as I work
towards my CPL.

On Friday I did an hour of circuits at Jandakot and then drove down to
Cottesloe and flew there too.

My internet connection is not good today so I will upload photos later.