Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gearbox Trouble....

Things were going really well with the car, right up to the point that I slowed down as I was entering Innisfail. As I changed down a gear the gearbox started making unhappy noises and I lost drive to the wheels. First gear no longer seems to be connected, but second gear now works again, but the sounds that it makes suggest that metal is rubbing against metal somewhere. Luckily before I left perth I realised that such an event was a possibility so I took out the highest level of RAC cover i could get and now the car is with the local RACQ agent. They are trying to identify the cause of the problem at the moment. Hopefully in a couple of hours I will have a better idea of what is wrong and what my options are. This does mess up my plans of being in Newcastle on Thurday, unless they find that it is the universal joint on the driveshaft or something easy like that I am guessing they are going to have to remove the gearbox and then rebuild it or something, that takes days even when everything goes well. There is a possibility that the RAC might give me a hire car for a week whilst mine is repaired, if I can get one with roof racks I can leave everything here and still make a dash for Newcastle to meet Scott.
As soon as I have more info I will update things here. Doh. Doh. Doh.

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