Friday, January 22, 2010

In other news....

I've been a busy boy. I've got more physical exercise in the last month that I got in the last year.

The highlights include...

I've got a new toy. Amazing bike. Stupid name. Let's pretend it's just called an F650 shall we.

When a Canadian lets you use her gun you know it is getting serious!

Actually finding myself wanting to do stuff like this, another sign it must be serious!

Despite my initial fears, it turns out to be relatively easy and fun!

Ok, I've done plenty of this in the last year!

Angel Flight

I have been wanting to get involved with Angel Flight for a long time. They offer a fantastic service that provides free transport for people in need. I finally had my first flight a couple of weeks ago. It was a profound experience and very rewarding, I am very much looking forward to my next chance to help someone in this way.


Mission 4856: Perth/Geraldton

Initial Trip Request

A gentleman from Geraldton has been in Perth undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer. he has just received a terminal diagnosis and wishes to return home to Geraldton to be with his family. Due to the distance and financial hardship, Angel Flight will assist.

Angel Flight Leg 1

Pilot: Rolf Schatzmann

Earth Angel: Hugh Butler

Pilot: Rolf Schatzmann
(1st Angel flight)

Earth Angel:
Hugh Butler
(4th Angel flight)

Comments from Rolf Schatzmann:
"The flight to Geraldton was pretty uneventful. It was a pleasure to meet the Earth Angel, Hugh, who did manage to get some photos before we left Jandakot. I had plenty of time to chat to Alan during the flight and I was honoured to have the chance to meet him and to be of assistance. It was an extremely positive experience and I look forward to my next mission."

For more mission stories please click here.

Scenic Flight

Last Year. (Ha) I had the chance to take my mate Adrian and his Dad for a scenic flight over Perth and then over to Rottnest for lunch. Adrian got some great photos.

Long Overdue Update!

Ok, it has been a long time since I updated my blog. I really have been busy. Time has become a scarce resource with too many things competing.

I've had some pretty major events in my life, It is looking like it is going to be an absolutely amazing year. Firstly after a really long period of being single (and pretty much having lost interest in the dating game) I finally met an amazing girl.

Secondly I have my application for an AOC in with CASA and I am patiently awaiting the outcome, I am optimistically hoping to be running my charter business later this year and finally making some money out of flying!