Saturday, May 30, 2009


Its 7'C here and there is light drizzle. Cloudbase is 1000ft. It's
freezing! My room has an air conditioner, but I would rather a heater at
the moment! The whole place here is owned by one company all the hotels
and associated services too. There are only 2 types of people, tourists
and employees. The forecast is looking pretty lousy. The forecast cloud
is below my minimum safe altitude for the run to Warburton and there are
still thunderstorms and showers in the area. Kalgoorlie is looking
better, but has scattered cloud at 2500ft at the moment, so not great.
The area forecasts and TAFs will be updated in about 8hrs and I will be
able to make a go/no go decision then. If cloud base lifts a few
thousand feet I would be comfortable leaving later tomorrow and flying
part of the Warburton to Kalgoorlie leg at night, but only if Kalgoorlie
is 100% perfect as far as the current weather and forecast is concerned.
If I can't get out of here tomorrow it looks like Tuesday might be my
next chance, and then another cold front might trap me in Kalgoorlie for
a few days. I've really been spoilt by the weather over summer and
whilst I would like to be on my way, I do appreciate the value of
finally being able to apply in practice all the theoretical
meteorological skills I have learned. I used the planes carby heat in
anger for the first time today, the first time ever I have been aware I
was in prime icing conditions and it would be prudent to avoid any ice
build up. The area forecast has the freezing level at 6000ft around here
so I'd like to either be above it or below it and well clear of cloud on
the way home. Fingers crossed the next forecast is a better one,
otherwise I'll have to resign myself to being a cold tourist for a few
more days.

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