Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Leg

Tomorrow I'm off to Alice, 334Nm and about 4hrs depending on the winds,
I'm going to try and make Ayers Rock on the same day, another 183Nm but
less than 2 hours hopefully. After that I am heading back to Perth, But,
I have been unable to find fuel the direct route, my plane has an
endurance of 5Hrs if I was to run the tanks dry, but legally I have to
always have 45mins in reserve and I always allow an hour to be safe. It
means I am limited to 4hrs per leg when planning and I have limited the
legs to 350Nm to allow for headwinds. One thing that i have discovered
is that the Area forecast winds are often not particularly accurate when
you are doing long legs, they might be right at the start or the end or
the middle of the leg, but rarely everywhere.
So after Ayers Rock my next stop for fuel will be Coober Pedy, another
almost 4hr leg. Then Ceduna, a relatively short 2Hr hop, then off to the
Nullabor Motel before returning to Jandakot via Caiguna and Norseman.
The weather is going to be more interesting for these legs as its winter
and there are onshore winds bringing rain and thunderstorms. Weather
permitting I have one night planned at Ayers Rock, One at Cedunda and
then probably Norseman before returning to Jandakot, the weather will be
the decider though.

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