Saturday, May 30, 2009


IMG_0468.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Believe the TAF and the Area forecast was the lesson for today!
Despite the forecast of broken cloud at 2000 and thunderstorms in the area it looked OK from the ground. I spoke to the tower and they said it looked pretty clear. After take off on climb to 4000 and tracking for the rock I was suddenly surrounded by low cloud and rain and had to circle in between showers at 3000ft for 20 mins. A Qantas Boeing executed a missed approach whilst I was holding about 10 miles to the south of the airport due to low visibility. The showers passed but I could see more rain and low cloud inbound from the east so I took my chance to return to the airfield for a landing after the the Boeing and just before conditions deteriorated again. I was never IMC, but it was close and it was a valuable lesson and more great experience! At the moment it is not looking good for the flight to Kalgoorlie tomorrow with broken cloud at 4000, but it may improve over night and there is still a chance I'll be leaving in the morning.

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