Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Cairns!

IMG_0284.JPG, originally uploaded by hangflyer.

Did i mention that? The weather is perfect, the people are great. I wondered around the CBD for an hour looking for a place to stay and when I felt I could not go any further with my heavy bags I tried the Novotel expecting to be re-energised by the price, and found it was cheaper that most of the other motels I have stayed at so far. I am feeling spoilt by the luxury after all the outback motels!

I need a good nights sleep and to check the weather carefully. I don't think I'll be heading down the coast with the radical weather down there at the moment, instead I am planning to head to Alice to check out Ayers Rock and then along the south coast back to Perth.

I've clocked up over 26Hrs already and will have well over my target of 50 by the time I get back to Jandakot.

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