Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ayers Rock

Today it is damp and freezing cold and windy, but cloud base is quite
high and there is some blue sky. I am about to head off to the airport
to fly myself around the Rock. I have been recalculating my leg home
based on the strong easterlies we have for the next couple of days and I
am thinking about changing my route to be home via Warburton and then
Kalgoorlie. Warburton to Kalgoorlie will be my longest run yet at almost
400NM but with an easterly behind me I should be able to get there with
my reserves intact. The forecast is looking better for tomorrow with no
cloud below 5000ft and the thunderstorms moving away to the east, if the
forecast is accurate and the winds and clouds look good tomorrow morning
I will be in Kalgoorlie tomorrow night.

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