Monday, May 18, 2009

Spear Fish

Gav flew me to the other side of the Gulf in the Ramphos and we landed
on the water next to a small island. We spent a couple of hours
snorkelling and hunting and Gav provided dinner by spearing 2 Mangrove
Jacks. I did not have the heart to pull the trigger and so I let all the
fishes get away, it had a lot to do with my very limited knowledge of
fish. I had a couple of fish try and commit suicide by refusing to move
when I pointed the spear-gun at them from point blank range, but in the
back of my mind was the thought that I might be about to shoot something
rare or inedible and regret it. It's my last couple of days in Exmouth,
I am hoping my new phone charger arrives in time, and I think I will
have to wait until I get to Broome before I find a replacement camera.

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