Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today was good experience for me. When I awoke in Cairns there was a
lot of blue sky, but by the time I was departing the airport it was
fairly overcast, I had to circle up inside the blue holes to stay clear
of cloud and change my planned track and levels to get through it. Once
I got above it at 8500ft it was fine, I could see small patches of
ground through the holes, but was able to get my fixes using instruments
so no problem. About 150miles from Cairns the cloud dissipated.

Landing at Hughenden a Dusty kicked off on the runway end just as I was
short finals, it was a great test and I handled it OK, not a greaser,
but I was happy to be on the centreline, and on the ground.
When I got to Boulia there was an RPT twin on the ground and as I joined
midfield crosswind he made his taxi call and then said he would wait for
me, I flew the tightest little circuit I have ever flown and was on the
ground and out of his way in 30secs. And it was a greaser! Maybe having
an audience helps ;-)

I just had a great rump steak at the Boulia Pub, great food there. There
is light rain at Alice, but with cloudbase at 8000ft so I am not too
worried about it, but Ayers rock has a 30% chance of thunderstorms and a
Tempo with BKN at 1000. I'll be checking the weather very carefully in
the morning before I head off and probably ringing the MET office for
some reassurance too. It's a long flight to Alice and I'll have about an
hour of fuel in the tanks when I arrive so I am not going if there is
any chance of Thunderstorms in the area.

I'm looking forward to an early night after a long day, and fingers
crossed the weather cooperates tomorrow.

I'm on my backup dodgy overpriced Telstra internet connection here so no
photos today. Tomorrow hopefully.

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