Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I arrived just as the sun went down. After 3 full caravan parks I found one that at least has a spot for people to wait until the office re-opens in the morning.
I discovered that when the outside temp goes above 31'C I have to keep reducing my speed to stop the car from overheating. At 36'C outside I can only maintain 70kph without overheating the car, at 28'C it holds a 100kph fine.  Also it would seem that the terminal controllable velocity for my caravan is around 100
kph, after this is gets unstable, this morning when I had a 20knot NE blowing in my face it really slowed me down, every time you came around a corner from a cross wind situation into wind it felt like someone was pulling on the brakes. But based on all this I now know I can average around 75kph throughout the day and I can comfortably drive for 8hrs during daylight so now I know I can plan my stops about every 600kms.
Broome does not have that quaint and friendly feeling that Exmouth had, it feels very touristy. Also they have a sign that says Broome International airport and I have already heard a few jets go overhead. That means it will be restricted airspace all the way around here, I don't have a VHF radio with me so I cannot play here.
As I drove into Broome I heard a ticking from the front of the car, I suspect its a CV on its way out but I will know in the morning. I might be here for a day or two if I have to repair the car, but I am keen to keep moving.

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