Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Power over the Cape

Yay! I got my first powered flight in Exmouth today. Go have a look at flikr as I am uploading the photos now.

After driving around the area since dawn looking for a suitable take off area I finally decided that the Golf course was the only option I was happy with. I was lucky to run into Kerry down there and he kindly agreed to allow me to fly from the 9 fairway that was into wind. The flight was great, I had one interesting moment with a few unintended wingovers when I realised that the drawstring that closes the harness had been flapping in the wind and had tied itself around everything else. You know that feeling you get when the zip won't open and you can't get your legs out of the harness... I just doubled over and untied it all whilst the fun did its own thing, I am sure it was spectacular from the ground ;-)

Gav is taking me out on his boat again in a few minutes, this time speargun fishing on the reef!

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