Monday, August 28, 2006

Last day in Exmouth

Yesterday was a good day. There was still a strong SE in the morning, but by lunchtime it had died down to a light easterly and it was 30'C as usual.
When he finished work Gav rang me to ask why I was not flying, it was a good question. I met him out at the golf course and we set up the fun and power harness. With help from Gav I have improved my take-off and landing technique, I was letting the power harness push me, not consciously holding back as such, just not running that hard. As with ground towing it seems that trying to hold back causes the nose to pop, Mea Culpa sorry Sting. On the other hand running like someone with an angry rottwieler behind them seems to be much more effective. It seems to be more like a nil wind hill take-off in the climax, head and shoulders through the A frame and run like fast. This way you leave the ground really fast and you get to climb out with much more energy. I guess it must have also been the last flight on the climax that helped it all to sink in. I also seem to have finally learnt to run out the landings and resist the urge to try and stop it all with a good flare, its an effective way of stopping, but the inertia from the power harness really does mean that you cannot expect to just stop in a hurry. I did a heap of take off and landings and they were all great, I overshot and landed long and then just restarted and took off and tried again.
I was getting my spot landings within a car length with a light easterly blowing and I was surprised when I came in and overshot by quite a lot, I took off again and went around and overshot again. I know when I landed the second time it had gone tail, It was just nil the first time. The wind here is really temperamental. Gav used my little Canon to get some video of me taking off and landing and you can see an improvement in the technique. It was so much easier flying in calmer air, it was mildly thermic, but not uncomfortably so and I was able to practice flying smoothly with the power. I am uploading some clips to youtube now.
Today I might see if I can get my fridge going so that I trust it not to start any more fires in my caravan, I have been sans fridge since I left Perth, but it would be useful to have one up here. I think that I am going to average about 80kph whilst heading north, that means if I should be able to cover about 500km a day.
Next stop Broome. Exmouth has been awesome, I am sad that I did not get the chance for a soaring flight down the range, but I am here at the wrong time of the year for Whale Sharks or Westerlies. I did get some great flying from the lighthouse and with the power harness. I also had a ball here with Gav and Mel doing all kinds of fun stuff when it was not flyable. Gav really wants a power harness now...

Here is that tail landing on the fun...

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