Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is the last thing my little digital camera captured before it went to sleep. Sadly it took with it the footage from the flight i had today. Its a shame because i recorded the whole single handed setup of the wing and harness and then taped the camera to a dive stick and climbed in and took off.
Its very very hard to setup a keel less fun and power harness by yourself in a 8-12knot thermic breeze. Well the setup of the fun is easy the hard part is trying to balance the wing on the harness and then climb in between gusts... Oh and then starting a cold high compression motor with a lawnmower type pull start using a punching motion because of the location of the handle.

I am going to make a keel carrier on top of the prop shaft, if I can just be sure that it will stay pointing into wind with the nose down I can feel reasonably comfortable about doing this all myself. The other option is of course the old stake in the ground and bit of rope to the nose wires trick. I have to go get one of those universal dog parking things, you know the big screw that goes into the ground.

The flight was uneventful, quite a strong headwind meant impressive groundspeed downwind and less than 5kmph into wind, I quickly realised it was not a good day to fly over to Battens place and get some photos. I could have got there pretty quick, but I would not have made it back into wind with the fuel I had. Also once you find yourself pointing into wind with a noisy 2 stroke behind you and not much groundspeed you rapidly lose interest in going in that direction.
The climax will be a weapon with this thing if I can survive my first take-off ;-)

I did get a heap of photos from the air, thanks to my trusty Canon, I am uploading tm to flikr now, go have a look!

Its my last nite in Gero. Matty went back to Perth yesterday and I am now preparing to hit the road in the morning. Next stop Exmouth, yippee!!

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