Monday, August 21, 2006

Out of excuses

I love my climax. It's a wonderful glider, every bit as much joy to fly as a fun, just without the auto land feature that Airborne so kindly built into the fun. Ever since I first got the idea of a powered harness into my head I have been dreaming of zipping about the sky on my climax.  I had heaps of good excuses for not giving it a go already though. I know my climax well and I am already at max weight, the power harness is going to add at least another 20kgs to the total. This is naturally going to increase the wind loading and hence the flying speeds. However all along I have been telling myself its only another 10kg per wing, i mean it's not that much, is it. I was worried after reading about how the leading edges can deform if you overload a topless and how this could change the handling characteristics. But in my heart I didn't really believe that 20kg was going to make that much difference. Last night when I was talking to Matty he mentioned meeting a pilot, from the eastern states who is new to Perth, this guy has a mosquito and a climax 13 and he has been using them together, with success. No more excuses for me!
What I really want to go is get off Pap Hill into a thermal and get up to cloudbase and fly down the cape with my climax. However if the winds don't cooperate today then plan B will be to see how I like the climax with a bit of power thrown into the mix...

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