Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Awesome Day!

As forecast westerlies came in this morning. Very light though. We set up on city view and when the cycles came through it was soarable. Matty bombed out on his climax then walked back up and flew the fun for a bit, top landed and then drove down and got his climax and set it up and flew it again, A for effort!

Steve the local legend flew like a champ as usual. Dr Mick had a ball and must have top landed 20 times. I got heaps of photos and I am uploading them to flickr now. I have a keel cam video from my flight too and I will upload it to youtube soon.

Not sure what the weather holds in store for tomorrow but nothing soarable I am sure.... I would like one more flight with the power harness just to get a few better ariel shots of the place I am staying for my host Ash. Then I just have to fix his computer and once Matty heads back to Perth its off to Exmouth for me...Yippee warm weather at last!

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