Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pap Hill Hopefully

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon climbing over the range around Pap Hill. I found a new improved bottom landing area within easy glide. I made a track into the new bottom landing and marked it with streamers. I cleared as much of the vegetation as I could from the landing area and set-up windsocks all around it.
Then I climbed up the face and covered it in streamers and spent ages watching the cycles come through. I put a 30ft long streamer on a vertical section of the face and now from take-off this one is visible as it stands up vertically as a cycle comes through, it should make the launch timing easier.
Friday night ended up being another huge one with the locals, I crawled back into my caravan around 6am and then was up again by 9am and off to Pap Hill. Whilst I was on Pap Hill yesterday it came on 8kn W for about an hour and If I had been feeling better I would have rigged up the climax and had a go, as it was I was unsure whether I would survive the walk back up the face in my state. Today the forecast is for a repeat of yesterday, so based on that I should be taking off from Pap Hill around lunchtime. Hopefully this time I will have learnt something and I can get up to cloudbase and perhaps land back at the oval in Town, but even if I just get to prove my new bottom landing area it will be a better result.

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