Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quiet Days

Just another quiet day today. Yesterday I got the chance to work on my tan and today I am a little red where I over did it on my chest. Yesterday arvo Gav & his better half took me out on their boat and we snorkelled over the reef. We saw some whales and a manta ray as well as lots of pretty fish. If I am going to go snorkelling again and really get the hang of it and start feeling comfortable with the snorkel and mask on I think I am going to have to shave first, the mask leaks like crazy when you have a beard!

Today we have 15-21knts SSE , I think it's too far off to the South for the dunes I looked at on the way into town, a SE or ESE would be OK I think. The forecast is for the winds to drop this afternoon, so if they don't get more easterly and make the dunes flyable it may still be nice in the water after things calm down.

The DVD burner in my laptop is already starting to make more coasters than good discs, when you look at the burnt discs you can actually see the light and dark rings where presumably the laser is losing power. I tried running on AC power with 2 different adapters and off the battery and it makes no difference. After making 9 coasters between 7-9am at 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 16x and being almost ready to throw the whole laptop into the ocean, I finally find that if I burn at 2x it seems to work OK.
I guess its a good thing I am not in a hurry at the moment. I have a bad feeling that perhaps some of the many DVDs I have burnt for people over the last few weeks could be flawed too. Oh well, if you get a bad DVD let me know and I'll send you another one!

Believe it or not I actually found exactly the type of screw in anchor I was looking for use with the power harness. These huge hooks are designed for holding a mobile home awning to the ground, but they would do just fine to tie down a trike or HG wing... Now if I could just find a place to take off around here I could get a good look from the air. Gav had somewhere to show me this afternoon, so if the wind drops off I might get some nice shots here before sunset...

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