Saturday, August 12, 2006

Huge Friday

Yesterday I spent the morning looking for a place to take off in the canyons, I found a take-off about 850ft AMSL above a 600ft vertical rock face that gets the afternoon sun. There is access into the bottom of the canyon through a dry creek bed, today Gav and I are going to check we can get his Suzuki 4wd down the river for the retrieve in case I bomb out into the canyon. Assuming I can get out OK I am going to try and launch into a cycle this afternoon.

In the afternoon we rigged up the fun and the power harness and I went for a fly and then when I landed Gav had a go. You can tell Gav is a powered pilot with a lot of hours, his first flight he left the engine running, as he came in to land he just applied power and went around when he realised he was going to land long. For his second flight he did a heap of high speed low level passes and for his last flight he climbed up to around 5k over the town and then spent ages enjoying the ride down.

We even rigged Gavs Sting 154 to try with the power harness before we remembered we needed to cut the keel first. That keel will be shortened today and the first chance I get, I am excited to see how it flies, it should be lovely.

After another great day of flying it was down to the tav for dinner and drinks to celebrate, then onto the pub/nightclub , the after party, and then back to Mel & Gavs again, around 5.30am everyone finally went to bed with poor Gav and Mel starting work in only a few hours. I'm up at 9am typing this, but only with 1 finger and whilst still in bed.

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