Friday, September 01, 2006


I figured I should talk to a local airspace expert before trying to fly anything, I am sure that I could just slip under the radar, but small country towns being what they are and with CASA being famous for not having a sense of humour when it comes to airspace violations (wow is this the longest sentence ever or what!) I contacted the local Trike CFI and within minutes he was at my camp-site on his Harley. He tells everyone what a piece of shit the Harley is, I can only assume that he'd never owned one before, or spoken to anyone that had owned one, but that's beside the point. Charles is English, he spent 10 years driving around the world on a motorbike before he settled here. He hates flying, but loves teaching and so has found a way to marry the two here. It looks like an awesome lifestyle, tropical all year round and so much flying. Strange because his real passion is sailing not flying and given the choice he would rather be travelling anyway.

So it turns out there is 30NM of restricted airspace around the airport, I cannot enter this area without a VHF radio and I don't have one. However it starts at 500ft so if I fly below that I am clear of all other traffic and so should be fine. If the wind drops off to nothing again tomorrow afternoon I might have a look at Broome from the air...

If we get Easterlies again I will have a go at some of the E facing dunes around here. Its too early for the sea breeze, later in the year it would be possible to fly Cable Beach, that would be awesome..

I'm giving up with the gas fridge in the caravan it is too temperamental, I think now that I should have gone with another deep cycle battery and solar panel and a 12v fridge. The Car's CV's are all fine, the new noise is from the gearbox, it just gets lost in the rest of the racket from the gearbox when you speed up though.

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