Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here is the Plan

I've been having a ball in Exmouth. Lots of firsts, friendly locals and great weather. A few more single chicks would not hurt, but then they just distract you from the flying. Its a wopping 6500kms from here to Canungra where the comps start for me. After some thought I have decided to skip most of the sight seeing and use the time I can save to spend some time in Burketown, who knows I might get lucky and fly the MG. The local forecasters must be reading this and laughing, everytime they forecast 12+knots of W in the evening for the next day, they revise it down to 7-8knots by the next morning. Every night I go to bed dreaming of flying all the way down the range and wake up to the morning to find I was just dreaming after all.

I have to find somewhere non thermic and big and open along the way so that I can rack up alot of hours with the power harness and get really comfortable with it before the MG in a few weeks.

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