Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last Day in Darwin

It almost was my last day here too. I spent the day doing all the stuff that I won't be able to do once I leave here. This afternoon I exited a shop and turned right to walk to my car and then on impulse walked into the shop on my left instead. As I opened the shop door there was a massive crunch behind me, an MR2 had driven straight off the HWY and into a huge steel power pole on the pavement. The power pole won, of the 2 occupants in the car the male was apparently deceased and the female was being removed with the jaws of life by the fire brigade when I left. It was about 12 feet behind me and exactly where I would have been if I had stayed with my original plan to walk back to the car, scary. It was a completely straight stretch of road with no other traffic involved, the speed limit there was 80kph. I dunno whether the speed limits are higher than their equivalent in WA or whether the drivers are just more aggressive or they do less enforcing of speed limits around here, but generally people do drive faster and there are more highly visible hoons who choose to completely ignore the speed limits or road traffic laws...
Tomorrow morning I head off in the general direction of N QLD. The first flyable location I find is where I plan to stop and fly.
Darwin is an interesting city, but even at this time of the year the humidity makes it unpleasant between 11am-5pm, it lovely the rest of the time. It makes me realise how much better I can put up with a dry heat, I hardly sweat at all in WA, here I am constantly soaked. I'm looking forward to hitting the road and not knowing where I will be this time tomorrow.

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