Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Useless Wind

From the South all day. Too strong and thermic to be able to play with my remote control sailplane or my hang glider and power harness. What to do in Burketown?
I drove out to lawn hill yesterday, its a couple of hours to get there on gravel, and an hour and a half to get back once you have an idea what is around the next corner. I'm sure its a fascinating place for someone who studies fossils, but I prefer to read concise accounts of how hot and dusty it was where they found the fossils, rather than find out first hand.

I am hoping the winds might drop off this evening, the first day I get with light winds higher up I am looking forwards to seeing how high I can get on one tank of fuel, obviously i want a day when I am not getting blown downwind by a 35knot breeze like the last time I flew. These strong southerlies do not bode well for a Glory any day soon, however I am the first to admit I don't understand it enough to be really surprised if one does come through on a day I didn't think it would.

Jamie tells me that Billo and the other HG/Trike pilots are heading up later this week, they should be able to bring the new basebar and upright for the C2 as well. I really need another prop for an explorer power harness, not mine as it happens, but if I had been less fortunate I could easily be needing one at the moment. The only place I have been able to source the prop from so far is Bolly here in Australia. Since the people that made the Explorer and also the hub for the centre of the prop have gone out of business it is up to Bolly to make the hubs now. I appreciate that it takes time to make these things from scratch and there are always delays, but it's been two weeks away since late July now. I am a reasonably patient person, but I feel bad for Matty who has not been able to fly his power harness without a prop during this time. Perhaps I am being unfair, but because I have been getting the same 2 weeks ETA from Bolly for 8 weeks now I am losing faith that it is actually under way and likely to arrive soon. My biggest fear is that I am unfortunate enough to do a prop whilst I wait for the Glory and then have none when it comes through, heck even a cheap $80 mexican wooden prop will do as a spare. So I am looking for alternative prop suppliers, if anyone knows of one or has a spare explorer prop they want to sell, let me know.

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