Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bye Bye Broome

If I had a VHF radio and was more confident with my radio calls I could fly around here, I am definitely coming back when I do have a VHF radio as I would love to see Broome from the air. For now though I have a long way to travel and only a short time to get there, so I must keep moving.
I am really hanging out for a fly. Yesterday afternoon the direction was perfect for cable beach, just the strength was lacking. At the moment here it is rough easterlies in the morning dropping off to a light westerly change mid afternoon, sadly not enough for dune gooning. There are some big cliffs north of here and they would be flyable, but I am not comfortable with flying a new site in marginal conditions, by myself and so far from anyone. Last night I met one of my clients from Perth in the queue for the burger van at 11.20pm, it's such a small world. I am getting ready to hit the road in a couple of hours, I'm not sure where I will be this evening..

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