Sunday, September 17, 2006

Awesome Day

One of the Motor Glider guys here is called Richard  and is from Perth. Today he very kindly took me up in a glider that used to belong to him but now belongs to another nice chap called Charles. Richard was very patient as I blundered about the sky. I did manage a few good climbs and actually felt like I was doing a half reasonable job of staying in the last thermal.
 It is so very different from thermalling in a Hang Glider, but the same basic rules apply and there is the same magic to be found in finding lift and staying aloft with the help of rising air alone. Now that the C2 is U/S it does make the decision to fly the fun an easier one to make, to be honest after some thought I have decided to just enjoy the C2 as a pure glider, the power harness is a great way to get into the air, but even with the motor off the extra weight and drag penalty is too much for the little C2. Even though I am getting pretty comfortable with the Power Harness I would still rather pay for an Aerotow so that I can really enjoy my lovely Aeros harness and C2's performance once I am up there...
No sign of a Glory, I only know what it looks like here when you are not going to get one and we have had plenty of that with no change forecast..

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