Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morning Glory

In case you have been wondering about my brazen references to the morning glory, here is an excellent clip from the guys who were there last year that should put your mind at peace.


I need to give the car an oil change and also replace the brake pads before I leave town, so that is my task for tomorrow. If the wind drops off as forecast I will get my evening fly tomorrow, from a nice grass strip I found just outside the class c airspace around the airport. Provided I stay below the class E airspace above me I don't need a radio.

Darwin is very alive, everything moves and eats or gets eaten. You get ?flocks? of sea eagles, perhaps 30 together ridge soaring or in the same thermal, then just for fun one will attack another and a game begins. They regularly barrel roll and loop and fall with their talons locked together in some kind of game.

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