Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Questions and Anwsers

I have been asked to explain some details as I assume that people reading this know too much!

 I currently have 2 Hang Glider wings both made by Airborne in Australia, a Fun which is a slow flying wing, easy to T/O and land but very slow flying so you cannot penetrate if there is much headwind. I also have a Climax 2 which represents almost the height of performance from a flex wing glider, the newer flex wings probably perform slightly better but to step up another level you would have to go to a rigid wing. I am at the top of the weight range for both wings, simply more weight means a higher stall speed which means faster T/Os and Landings. Faster is obviously more exciting, this is not necessarily a good thing when the wings stall speed exceeds your ability to run. The Climax is already a little tricky in Nil wind as a glider but with the addition of power it is a real handful. From experience I doubt my ability to run fast enough to T/O successfully in Nil wind.

You can read a great account of the MG here, its well explained and has some good science in it, it is also about someone doing similar things to me..

and here is another account with some great photos...

This is a Trike

If anyone does have any technical questions feel free to drop me a line and ask.

Its hot and humid and the sunset was very pretty, everything is damp, its going to be a big one tomorrow, I can't wait. I have a tank of Avgas ready to go and the fun is rigged up and staked down at the airport, its only going to take me 10 mins to get airborne in the morning. I will be ready.

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