Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have a plan

I'm starting my trip planning for next week.

Total distance from Perth Jandakot to Bankstown Sydney is 1841Nm or

The total flight time is going to be between 17 and 20 Hours depending
on the winds aloft.

I am going to burn about 704.8 Litres of Avgas.

I'll have to stay a couple of nights along the way, exactly where
depends on when I have to be at Bankstown to hand over the aircraft, I
will plan the last day to ensure I get there at the correct time.

Once I get there I'm hoping to be collected in my new aircraft and then
I will retrace my route back to Perth. I think I will be away for about
5 nights assuming that I take it easy and only fly 8Hrs a day.

The weather looks fine for the route at the moment, although at this
time of the year I can expect Easterlies to slow me down on the way
there, they will be helpful on the way back though.

I have planned my fuel stops for worst case headwind scenarios with a
margin for a suitable alternate and that means I always land with at
least an hour in the tanks, plus a reserve and that limits my range to
about 350Nm per leg. To be honest my bladder is probably the main
limiting factor, and after 4 hours sitting still it is nice to be able
to stretch you legs.

I made a cool map with Google Earth that shown the current high cloud
and temps, of course it will be different next week but is indicative of
what I can expect.

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