Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bankstown here I come

Everything has worked out perfectly.

Tomorrow morning early I will leave Jandakot and fly to Kalgoorlie and
then Forrest and arrive in Ceduna close to last light. There are some
isolated thunderstorms forecast in WA, but once I get past Forrest the
weather should be good with just some headwinds and a few dust storms to
contend with. As it's forecast to be over 40'C on the ground I will be
flying around 8000Ft so that that I can take advantage of the free air
conditioning provided by the cooler air higher up. It also happens that
that is close to the altitude where I can run at 75% power at full
throttle and get my best TAS which will help keep the flight time to a
minimum. The winds are variable higher up and not very strong so I am
planning to use the westerlies low down to maximise my ground speed to
Kalgoorlie and then find the best compromise between cool air and good
ground speed for the remainder of the trip.

I'll leave Ceduna early the next morning and fly to Bathurst via Renmark
and Hay.

Then on Wednesday I am delivering MTW to her new owner at Bankstown and
then picking up my new wings MGZ and heading back to Perth.

If all goes according to plan I should be back in Perth on Friday and
the long term forecasts suggest I might even get lucky with a reasonable
tail wind on the return trip.

I have been studying the manuals and using the simulator to get up to
speed on the avionics in the new aircraft, I can't wait to finally fly
an aircraft with modern avionics!

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