Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back in Perth

I made it back just before sunset last night as planned. I flew around
12 Hours yesterday all the way from Whyalla to Perth. When I got to the
airport in the morning I found MGZ was unmoved and had survived the
storms. I had headwinds all the way to Kalgoorlie and then the winds
dropped off completely and even became a light easterly near the ground.
I had to dodge rain showers all the way to Kal and then the skies became
just scattered cumulus at about 5000ft. I did most of the run quite low
as that was where I found the most favourable winds. MGZ performed fine,
I guess the high oil temps the other day were as a result of the 40'C
ambient temps as they have not re-occured under the same work in cooler
conditions. I have really enjoyed flying MGZ, you get a different view
from a cessna, I find myself constantly looking straight down out of the
side window and thinking I could land there!

I have added another 41 flying hours to my logbook and visited 7 new
airports and another GAAP control zone. I even got to use 2 of the
runways at Bankstown as I took MTW's new owner for a circuit after the
deal was done.

Next week I am putting MGZ into maintenance as I want to know exactly
what I have, and then I can get my instrument rating completed.

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