Friday, November 03, 2006

So Close, and yet....

Yesterday morning my gearbox arrived. Within a couple of hours it was mostly installed back in the car and the mechanic realised he was going to need the linkages and mounting brackets that he sent back to Sydney on the last gearbox. I think we must be getting close to the sort of exception circumstances that would justify temporary insanity as a reasonable plea in the case of a mechanic who was tragically killed after a Subaru gearbox accidentally fell on his head, several times.
Several deep breaths later and the parts are in one of those magical over night bags, just don't get too hung up on  any particular day for delivery.
If the overnight bag actually gets here today (which i rather doubt) then I will start the drive south as soon as they let me have my car back. Failing that I may be able to leave on Monday, but not before, that would subject me to another weekend in Innishell, whatever it was that I did in that past life it must have been really bad.

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